Notes Syral wrote in Tex's book

Notes from Tex’s journal. His journal somewhat told what happened to Stride. Syral tried some writing awhile ago! Written by Lindsey, Funny spelling by Mark (sorry) based on the idea that she has progressed in penmanship since then.

“This izn’t mahne eether but im using it anywaz. mahbee somday ill giv it bak.
I stil wont forgive u. To me you killed him twice. and I no thats not reely rite sins we maid him take over yor bodee. But I dont care.
Mahbee somday ill fergiv u for the second time, but rite nao i hait u drow.”

“Yur secretz suk! An then u disapeer. if you want us to trus u, ur doin a bad job. wer did u runof to? We culd uz ur help u no.”

“…did u reely run away?”

“Blade! i cant beleev i fownd Blade! i culd hav sworn i saw him back at the durgurs place. Was that onlee Ryal? But stil this is grate!
Once i get rid of that wizard guy i can free Ryal to an they can go home! Thanks melora!
Altho…is it even ok for me to say that?”

“We did it! we got rid of that wizard guy! He fell on Miria’s sword laufing becaus of somthin Shira did. Miria sword turn brite and got magic or somethin. I got a shiny new dagger and a gem necklace (She knows how to spell things of value!) I wont were it dont woree!
Blake is ok, but fieting started at the 9 pillerd hal. wil Ryal be alrite? got to huree bak but im eggzausted!”

“I fownd Ryal! and i think weer goin bak to the surface soon! i cant wait to see the sun!
…the drow never cam bak. i shoodnt hav beleevd him. when he said Stride wanted him to help me. not like we needed him anyway.”

“The sun! it feels so good! they are stil hiding my gem. they dont trust me.”

“I fownd the note. Sucaeva told me everthin. I hait you. if i ever find u…I hope u rot u lying bastard.”

“Um. ive been a bit meen to u but i, well.
thank u i gues for tryin to help me.”

Notes Syral wrote in Tex's book

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