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  • Safety in Storms: By Gaston Redcap

    A hissing out of rhythm sound startled me from my sleep. Quick to brandish my weapon made of the finest -woods- magic, I aimed the -table leg- sword at the sound to find my dark lady had returned to me. -He-hey!- I quickly remembered her incoherency and …

  • Safety in Storms II: By Gaston Redcap

    Dear reader, the madness of this moment fills the room. I see the drow woman pace in and out of the darkness, a leg that reaches heavens -he-hey!- passes into view then a small glint of her dagger reflects off her belt. This confessed murderer is agitated …

  • Safety in Storms III: By Gaston Redcap

    Safety in Storms: The life of a sorcerer By Gaston Redcap First draft Stride Dear reader, I don’t want to do this anymore. The whatever-it-is is killing my -libido- muse. I can’t make it work anymore and I don’t think it is the wine. The …

  • Safety in Storms IV: by Gaston Redcap

    This drow creature is humming a tune now. It feels like a tune for a child, but coming from this abomination, I find it quite warped and chilling. Her speech problem even appears in hums. The drow has made her way to a corner armoire. It is deformed …

  • Stride

    The Meloran priest that was freed by the Shadow Hunters, only to be cut down by [[:tex-1 | Tex]]. !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/33081/goodbye.jpg(Goodbye)!

  • Myinn Sidesilver

    Old acquaintance of Sucaeva from the East, was seperated from his spirit companion, forcing him to investigate the reasons before helping the Shadow Hunters anymore. As his spirit companion began a rebirth, it drew an uncomfortable ally of the Shadow …

  • Isalie

    Imp of an unamed wizard who bedeviled both Tex, and Lal since Tex murdered the wizard. !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/39225/Isalie.jpg(Isalie)!

  • Attack formations

    These are some simple attack plans I made with the idea that Miria would be at front with Syral and Tex is waaaaay in the back. If you can decipher them, enjoy! !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/46086/battleplans.jpg(Battleplans)!

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