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  • A Shifter's Thoughts

    He is evil! He’s just using his position as an excuse to kill people! At least the vampire was honest. And argh he’s all Bahamut this and judge that and I am better than all of you anodnaodoaua GRAAAAH!! He didn’t even come to help …

  • Notes Syral wrote in Tex's book

    Notes from [[:tex-1 | Tex]]'s journal. His journal somewhat told what happened to Stride. [[:syral | Syral]] tried some writing awhile ago! Written by Lindsey, Funny spelling by Mark (sorry) based on the idea that she has progressed in penmanship since …

  • Stride

    The Meloran priest that was freed by the Shadow Hunters, only to be cut down by [[:tex-1 | Tex]]. !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/33081/goodbye.jpg(Goodbye)!

  • Pern

    Daughter of Syral's tribe's Shamaness/Chieftess. Sided with her dwarven lover in resurrecting an undead green dragon that only she could control, and causing a war between the shifters and goblins. Is currently missing.

  • Shaile

    Mother of Pern and Shamaness/Chieftess of the shifter tribe. After the Shadow Hunter's defeat at the hands of the green dragon, and the subsequent loss of many tribesmen lives, she banished the Shadow Hunters from the tribe.

  • Syral

    Razorclaw shifter rogue. Loyal but can be extremely catty. Enjoys stabbing things.

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