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  • Raven´s Tooth

    A weapon forged from black steel in the Shadowfell centuries ago. It lusts after mortal souls to send to her liege Lady and grow stronger along the way, drawing more and more power from the realm of Death to fulfill it´s mission. Now in the hands of a …

  • Trell leaf

    This leaf can be found in a forest near Outlook. It has immense healing properties, and is the only thing that can help the elf known as The Shadow.

  • The Gem

    A white gem (that was formally black) that houses the soul of [[:sucaeva | Sucaeva]]'s fallen Deva friend Karal. It is currently in the possession of [[:shira-1 | Shira]] and is floating in front of her forehead, granting her certain Deva powers. The Gem …

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