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  • Stollin

    Male, Dwarf. Met an unfortunate end at the hands of Miria while being dominated by an unknown party.

  • General Stone

    Dwarf, male. The talented and capable leader of Outlook's military forces. (I am sure we can all read an appropriate level of sarcasm into the above line)

  • Jimmick

    Male, Gnome. One of the old heroes of outlook. Lives outside the city walls, proprietor of the Salty Dog.

  • Gobbo

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/31463/gobbo.jpg(Gobbo)! Male, goblin. Former inhabitant of the 9 Pillar Hall. Due to some clashes with the law decided to go to the surface and join the Blood Reavers mercenary band.

  • Sir Ernon of Mordred

    Male, human vampire, fallen paladin. Former Judge of Bahamut. Sir Ernon of Mordred rescued Miria from herself a few months after she run away from Lencia. Traveling together for sometime in a small undead hunting band, he was brought down and supposedly …

  • Gendarr

    Merchant drow in the Nine Pillared Hall. Took [[Tex]] under his wing for awhile. Shrewd businessman who can bend his personal beliefs if the price is right (or so it would seem).

  • Pern

    Daughter of Syral's tribe's Shamaness/Chieftess. Sided with her dwarven lover in resurrecting an undead green dragon that only she could control, and causing a war between the shifters and goblins. Is currently missing.

  • B'hurug

    A highly intelligent Ogre that finished first in his college in accounting and won an award for writing his essay "Dividing Procured Items Among Minions and Fallen Minion's Families". Sadly he was always considered a money collector only at the city gates …

  • Shaile

    Mother of Pern and Shamaness/Chieftess of the shifter tribe. After the Shadow Hunter's defeat at the hands of the green dragon, and the subsequent loss of many tribesmen lives, she banished the Shadow Hunters from the tribe.

  • Galiya

    Once the lover of [[:sajiter | Sajiter]], the Shadow Hunters outed her as an informer for the invading Githyanki army. With the information and the approval of Odas, a rrakkma, or Githzerai hunting party was ordered and Galiya was cornered. After a short …

  • Naath

    The wizard that went through training the same time as Elias Echo. Elias blames him for the death of their master, Orin. Loosely claimed the Blood Reavers were on the side of right at a trial for a necromancer.

  • Orin

    Master eladrin Wizard of both Elias Echo (deceased) and Naath. Died during a goblin attack but Elias believed Naath murdered him during the attack.

  • Sir Thorm D´Ouros

    Male, fighter, 59 year old widower from the Highborn D´Ouros family. Sir Thorm was betrothed to Miria D´Urban 4 years ago. Although he had been a member of the Knights of Lencia in his youth (and never a paladin) Sir Thorm was the stark opposite of what …

  • Ondor

    A Mage of Saruun Khel that temporarily entrusted a necklace of invisibility to Shira. Who, in-turn, used it to rescue her fallen allies (Syral and Echoes(Tex) )bodies from a vicious green dragon. Apparently, Ondor just wanted to study the Green dragon …

  • Paldermore

    The only Mage of Saruun Khel left un-captured during the Volgar saga. He's very snooty and pushy. He requested assistance from the Shadow Hunters to help right want was wronged by Volgar. All in all, he wasn't a very nice guy. P.S. He killed Fie …

  • The Shadow

    A mysterious figure residing in the sewers of Elf Town, The Shadow is a member of the former Heroes of Outlook and a friend of Jimmick. During the doppleganger plague of Outlook, he was possessed by some outside force and forced to fight the Shadow …

  • Nami

    A female [[Nami | halfling rogue]] that “got sick” often to get away from the talkie part of being a party member. Was better at the “stabbie” and looting parts. Also being short sighted had a thing for backstabbing party members.

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