The Wisdom


A collection of lethal poisons, each with varying effects on the body ranging from hallucinations to temporary paralysis. Also, included in the kit is a book detailing how to contact a nefarious group called “The Circle of Serpentis” as well as other details.


Sucaeva and the Shadow Hunters intercepted a courier on their return to Outlook from the Nine Pillar Hall, and by means of certain clandestine signals and codes, they procured the item. Wherever it was meant to go was never found out. Sucaeva used the poisons to fortify himself against such weapons. He slowly built up a resistance to poison, which came in handy when Sucaeva used the “Circle of Serpentis” to achieve a new level of transformation. The Circle thought they had gained a new ally, but in reality it was the World Serpent that encircled the young druid. The “wisdom” did live up to its name in the end.

The Wisdom

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