The Conqueror


A sleek airship newly liberated from the Githyenki. This lovely vehicle has three masts, complete with crows’ nest, and come equipped with a lovely, solid-oak ballista. It may not always hit its target, but it has a lovely finish and will impress anyone brought on board.


The Conqueror was once a warship in the service of the Githyenki army of Empress Beckleth. Its original purpose was to make war upon the people’s of the Prime Material Plane, starting with the Githzerai fortress of Ahkmad. However, before its mission could be completed, a Githzerai by the name of To-kit liberated it from the attacking Githzenki and brought it to the Shadow Hunter in Outlook. It has the potential of being the new chariot of the Shadow Hunters.

The Conqueror

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