Sir Nils Hansen

Judge of Bahamut, always wearing plate armor and a dark blue hooded cloak.


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Sir Nils Hansen, level 15
Human, Paladin, Champion of Order
Build: Protecting Paladin
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Axe)
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Holy Symbol)
Background: Touched by an Angel (+2 to Perception)

Str 22, Con 15, Dex 11, Int 9, Wis 14, Cha 18.

Str 16, Con 14, Dex 10, Int 8, Wis 13, Cha 14.

AC: 30 Fort: 28 Reflex: 19 Will: 26
HP: 124 Surges: 12 Surge Value: 31

Insight +14, Religion +11, Intimidate +16, Endurance +12, Diplomacy +18

Acrobatics +5, Arcana +6, Bluff +11, Dungeoneering +9, Heal +9, History +6, Nature +9, Perception +11, Stealth +5, Streetwise +11, Thievery +5, Athletics +11

Human: Weapon Proficiency (Execution axe)
Level 1: Power of Hope
Level 2: Versatile Expertise
Level 4: Protector’s Commitment
Level 6: Mounted Combat
Level 8: Mighty Challenge
Level 10: Toughness
Level 11: Superior Fortitude
Level 12: Superior Will
Level 14: Untiring Virtue

Lay on Hands: Lay on Hands
Paladin at-will 1: Ardent Strike
Paladin at-will 1: Valiant Strike
Paladin encounter 1: Valorous Smite
Paladin daily 1: Majestic Halo
Paladin utility 2: Bless Weapon
Paladin encounter 3: Hold Fast
Paladin daily 5: Unyielding Faith
Paladin utility 6: Summon Celestial Steed
Paladin encounter 7: Thunder Smite
Paladin daily 9: Knightly Intercession
Paladin utility 10: Cleansing Spirit
Paladin encounter 13: Castigating Strike (replaces Valorous Smite)
Paladin daily 15: Bloodied Retribution (replaces Majestic Halo)

Plate Armor, Adventurer’s Kit, Heavy Shield, Holy Symbol, Imposter’s Gith Plate Armor +3, Execution axe, Tome of the Law
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Sir Nils Hansen was born 35 years ago in a poor farmer family in the world of Asuncion. When Asuncion fell under Tharizdun´s influence and started its way to self destruction, Nils then 9 years old, was rescued from the sacrifice pits of the doomed world by an angel of Bahamut and brought to [to be filled later] with a divine mandate. Join the order of the Judges of Bahamut and impose Law over Chaos by any means necessary.

26 years later, Sir Nils Hansen fights for the Judges of Bahamut without any doubt or regret. His apparent calm demeanor hides a zealot, his only questions to his God´s messengers are how to best accomplish the task at hand and sometimes clarifications about the angel´s cryptic edicts. Once understood he never refuses any mission; if ordered to kill every red headed child in the country he would do it for he considers himself an instrument of Bahamut´s Justice on a quest to fight Chaos.

Now following the Shadow Hunters, he is using them to track his nemesis Sir Ernon of Mordred, a former disciple and Judge turned into a vampire lord. A training master for the last few years Sir Nils felt heavily his student betrayal and feels he should be the one to finish this issue. He hopes the Shadow Hunters will take him to Lady Miria D´Urban, Mordred´s former lover and then execute him as a traitor to the Order of the Judges and a minion of Chaos. He is also curious about how Lady Miria influence turned Mordred away from his afterlife in Bahamut´s court and feels that she might be an agent of Chaos herself.

Sir Nils Hansen

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