Dame Ysabou D´Aubry

The most beautiful Highborn of Lencia, suitors follow wherever the youngest sister of the High Lord goes.


Warm hostess one night and bitter opponent the next, the mercurial Ysabou moves through the Lencian social circles like a fish in the water, her piercing black eyes stealing well hidden secrets for her sharp tongue to reveal as she sees fit; the youngest sister of the current High Lord her age is unknown as she never appears in any public event less than at her best. Hopeful suitors follow her steps and duels over the chance of exchanging a few words with this D´Aubry woman are a common occurrence.

Highly protective of her status as the most desirable Lencian Highborn, Ysabou does not take kindly to any threats to her position, and if cutting remarks fail to do the job she enjoys setting one of her endless number of suitors against the target of her wrath.

Dame Ysabou D´Aubry

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