Dame Mavis D´Urban

Young heiress to the D´Urban title and position. Betrothed to Feyd D´Urban.


Being 16 years old is not always easy and when you are the apparent heir to your family position and responsibilities is hard. But blood does not lie and Mavis shows in her pink hair, second in color only to her missing cousin Miria, the birthright to the D´Urban Council Seat.

Still she is too young and her uncle rules as a figure head while the rest of the family decides what to do. Currently betrothed to her cousin Feyd as the best way to assure the stability of the D´Urban family, Mavis feels that she should have the right to immerse herself in the Lencian Highborn circles rather than study to succeed her uncle, after all as her good cousin says: why concern her pretty head with dusty numbers when a helpful family member can carry on her job while she enjoys life.

A social gadfly Mavis is currently an up and coming star in Lencian Highborn circles, how long until she gets the attention of the deadly Ysabou D´Aubry is a common betting pastime among the less savory peoples of the city.

Dame Mavis D´Urban

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