Dame Althea D´Urban

The half elven D´Urban family matriarch.


Dame Althea D´Urban looks forward to Feyd and Mavis wedding as a way to end the bitterness in her family before she dies, for 91 years she has seen how the fortunes of the D´Urbans fluctuated. Although she is still young for her bred now she is just tired of life, her close family with their shorter lifespans already gone, her Ladyfriend for decades long a memory. She clings to duty as her last reason to keep going. Long retired from the D´Urban business, rarely coming to Lencia nowadays Dame Althea concerns herself with the running of the D´Urban country states like her cousin Loknar d´Urban did before her, awaiting for the next D´Urban heiress to assume her rightful position.

Like with many of her kind time has not touched her features but her pink hair now is totally silver grey, her agility and vitality are something past but her intelligence is still sharp. Stern and fearsome when her anger is aroused Dame Althea is not happy with the current political maneuvering by her descendants and suspects that the Regent Lord insanity is not natural but so far she has been unable to unmask the parties involved although she fears that it might not be an outside enemy but a viper in their mist.

Dame Althea D´Urban

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