Shadow Hunters

The Skirmish Above Akmad

“Galiya!” A happy Sajiter leaps over boulders through a now thinning cloud of dust to the spot where a female sits, her body showing fatigue from battle. From this point words are limited, but a hand on the shoulder and meaningful gazes shared bring the two githzerai to a sense of well-being quickly. Galiya looks up to the overhang where large boulders were released as a defense of the Akmad fortress.

When the battle began, two airships sent from the foul Emperess Blacketh had landed and troops were on the ground quickly. The boulder defense was not working and Sajiter had gone to investigate after being assured elder Odas would be fine.

The boulder defense had been compromised and githyanki were posted around it. Sajiter was pushed for action as the battle raged below, but he felt the githyanki woman was waiting for something. A third airship, the Conqueror had just arrived.

Whispering the need for his arrows to fly true, he prepared to take a high-point on the boulders and pick-off as many as possible. He held his action when a graceful razorclaw, a dark axe-wielding warrior on horse, an confident elf and a smiling gnome exited the Conqueror and quickly met the githyanki in battle. Soon his arrows would lend aid.

The Shadow Hunters had arrived, and they had the resolve to do what had to be done. Even though the boulder’s would surely end the lives of some githzerai, a war has losses you can’t stop. Strange symbols burst into the air from Shira the gnome, signaling simultaneous release of massive stone that fell on the battle below.

Quickly the Hunters boarded the Conqueror and the airship was met in air-to-air combat with a green dragon with rider. Sajiter took aim and had a direct hit, but it barely slowed the rider. The battle grew long, with both sides at the brink of defeat at any given moment. Reserve githyanki arrived with demon soldiers sending dread through the party, but then Sajiter was able to knock the dragon into a spiraling descent. Hansen the paladin took the brunt of damage, from the crow’s nest Sucaeva the druid guided the battle and guided hawks of fire to disrupt the rider. Shira the ballista captain proved her skill with the massive weapon with multiple direct shots. Syral who seemed uncomfortable with her paladin complicated the military strategy of the enemy with her roguish approach to battle.

The dragon finally fell, the airship was safe, and so too was Akmad. Galiya looked to calm Satijer more with talk that was not so serious. "Well what should we name the airship Akmad has acquired?

“How about the Contemplator?” and small laughter is shared between the two.



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