Shadow Hunters

Subject Tex

Attn: Architect C.E.O. & B.M.F.,

I am the Assistant Supervisor in the machine room, sub basement C. I have collected data from system user Tex about his methods and have compiled this report.

Unlike the other subjects, Tex does not feel strongly that the Old World is the real world, or vice-versa. The subject has signs of instability that he sees in his mind as being an “essence mage”, or as he puts it “going with the energy flows”.

Subject entered the real world illegally using a monk, although the actual sorcerer usage was still in play at the time. We are working on fixing this glitch, but the subject clearly now believes he can ride not only common energies such as lightning but also “life” energy.

Subject regained understanding slowly, in fact the other subjects deduced who he was before he did. His heart rate increased considerably being among them again, and when he became aware of being a halfling male, he felt none of the common reactions others usually have, such as panic, depression or erection. In the Old World, Tex was a half-changeling and this may explain this phenomenon.

Tex went willingly wherever the others went, including a break-in led by the dreaded ogre Gobo. He acted to get power from the machine illegally, gave up and tried to protect Miria and Syral, then quickly returned to an attempt to siphon power from the machine. The eladrin Sucaeva eviscerated Team Supervisor.

Miria and Tex both showed a loss of simple motor skills, and in fact had enough feedback from the machine to knock them out. Shera the fox girl carried him out of the area and escaped capture, while tough-guy Syral ran off with little girl Miria.

In summation, from what information I can gather about his actions: Tex was happiest with his friends, Shera, Miria, Sucaeva and Syral, and would travel through anything thrown at him just to feel that one energy: Friendship.

Clearly Tex forgot that you can buy bottled friendship at the corner store for 300 creds.

Yours loyally,
Assistant Supervisor Gendarr



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