Shadow Hunters

Safety in Storms IV: by Gaston Redcap


This drow creature is humming a tune now. It feels like a tune for a child, but coming from this abomination, I find it quite warped and chilling. Her speech problem even appears in hums.

The drow has made her way to a corner armoire. It is deformed and splintering, it houses things I wish to see, yet feel might do the world better simply being set to flame. The sentence was meant to be vague, for I knew not if I meant her brain or the armoire.

“When I arrived in this place, there were no people, except for seasonal travellers. I guess the better description is `those with no home`. The Oak`s Inn gave me shelter. Adasunu was a tall handsome half-elf that studied sorcery like me. He even was a sorcer of storms. I had found the safety I craved after losing my mother.” She doesn’t blink at the fact that her mother died. I feel in my gut dear reader that she had something to do with her mother’s death and that Adasunu is in the armoire rotting. Where are these Shadow Hunters to help me?

“Years past but sometimes the two of us, my adopted father and I, would get a decent customer at the Inn. The elves in the woods had become familiar with our little team, and never bothered us. Once or twice they offered to seek help for us. That was nice of them, but we had heart and happiness, so we never needed a larger staff for the Inn.” You know and I know that was not what they meant, the help needed here is law, or counsel.

She pricks her ear up as if she heard something downstairs. It worries me. “Ah, do we have guests, or is Adasunu back from hunting? Be a dear and see who it is.” As I walk down the stairs, my thought is of continuing the walk, getting far away from this mad person. The Inn is empty and I look at more clearly. This place must not have been in service for years. The paint is stripped from the walls, windows broken, and wood warped by weather. Why did she think he was here? I return, but I stay at the door’s entrance. The armoire in the corner has been open and she stands before me in an Inn keeper’s uniform, wrinkled and ill-fitting. “Welcome customer, my name is Adasunu. Are you a friend of Tex?” Her voice is deeper but with the same poor speaking. I am seeing the poorest bluff ever performed by a doppelganger and it makes me…concerned.

“I do know your adopted daughter sir. She is a fine example of charm and femininity. How she isn’t taken yet is beyond me.” These words flow easily, for that is my ability. She looks at me like a concerned father. I seemed to have lost this ‘Tex’ and don’t have a clue if this ‘Adasunu’ character of hers is more of a danger.

“You are kind, I saw her a few weeks past, and she was stricken with a horrible curse. Would that she meet more gentle people like you, I would…” Horror of horrors! This is a man I fought with during my last trek to this Inn. As I said, I have been poor and had to make due at familar spots. This spot was known to me, for I had to fight off bandits just to keep this happy half-elf from succumbing to sheer numbers. We had a very skilled Dwarf of the Raven Queen with us, but no lasting partnership was made. I had met this changeling before!

The drow speaks, mannerisms are more confident “I apologize, my thoughts are on how I abandoned her in her time of need. If you see her, tell her to forgive me and I will do my best for her. May I share the story of her curse to unburden myself of guilt?”

“Yes of course, but let’s return downstairs” where the quick exits are plenty.



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