Shadow Hunters

Safety in Storms II: By Gaston Redcap

The second time the sorcerer died

Dear reader, the madness of this moment fills the room. I see the drow woman pace in and out of the darkness, a leg that reaches heavens he-hey! passes into view then a small glint of her dagger reflects off her belt. This confessed murderer is agitated at her own disability to speak. I get hints that my captor? lover is quite intelligent but trapped under some curse. I make a note to give her my ‘kiss of the alligator’, which once pulled a princess out of a deep sleep and I would even say my kiss gave her a shiny glow.

I find out that she is a sorceress and she commands any form of spark that she needs. I ask her to demonstrate for her Lover and she stepped forward to her wine glass. She not only chilled the wine with a passing of her hand, but it is now sparkling! As she walked away I started to show her my prowess with the flute, but she then showed me another of the sparks she could produce. Down one flute Distracted because of her display for me, I focused on the paper and went back to writing for her.

She tells me that in Stormpeak, a mountain not far from our Inn, her master tried to kill her. She tells me she traveled with a party naïve to her true form (as of this writing I’m not sure what that means) to a castle deep underground. The party was a group of wenches sirens that were controlled by a lucky guy an elf named Sucaeva. My sorceress told me that this Sucaeva was her pick for a new master, a necessity since the old one was trying to kill her, however the elf never accepted the role. She didn’t give up, and after battling a green dragon she found the gem her real master had sent her for hidden in a training dummy. She believed there was meaning to this, as if she was being called a dummy. The gem was known to her: cursed it would make her take her own life in search of a sister gem. I offered to be her Master but she must have missed the words.

Now the party had a swordmage in it that had died in a large chaotic fight with ogres and goblins. The body was left with a Raven Queen temple, and I must say I have visited these temples, not the best food for the poor visiting dignitaries. The sorceress used her charms to seduce a nun of the temple by pretending to be a leader of the temple (again baffling to me how she did that being a drow). Orders were given by the sorceress in disguise to dispose of the swordmage’s body and when she returned to prepare the new body so that everything looked the same. Fearing for her position after the affair, the nun did as told and my lover…killed herself replacing the body of the male swordmage with her own? What? I am pushed to continue the story. She awoke being tended to by the naïve party’s bard, Shira. I of course know Shira, one of my brightest pupils. There are some music notes she was not aware of until I showed her how to cup herself properly.

She told Sucaeva immediately and he seemed happy to have her there, but a cat-based female named Syral was unhappy to have…the…changeling…

Oh shit-on-a-shiny-silver-piece, she’s a man. The next chapter is about a cleric cat. Can’t be what the drow said but I’m a bit nauseous at the moment…


I guess Tex is not reading what the bard writes about her!


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