Shadow Hunters

Safety in Storms: By Gaston Redcap

Part 10 – Purpose

A hissing out of rhythm sound startled me from my sleep. Quick to brandish my weapon made of the finest woods magic, I aimed the table leg sword at the sound to find my dark lady had returned to me. He-hey! I quickly remembered her incoherency and deduced her words to be “Are you awake?”

I had changed locations to a fine establishment called the Oak’s Inn in a poor deteriorated outpost bustling big city. Her desire for me must not have been quenched, so I dropped the shaft, and sang to her of our love being renewed. She hissed more words to me, and dear reader for her speaking in this grand story, I will use my wording to save her modesty and thrill your minds. “Your being here sets me on the edge of fires that will melt your heart when you lay hands on me!” As she moved to my side, I begged asked her to take a moment as I opened a fruity wine for us to share in the broken fine glasses I found earlier in the day.

She…she told me of this place housing bodies she and her adoptive father had buried just behind the Inn. Ahem This woman was a deadly viper and the truth of the old saying ‘Don’t be feeble in the head, Drow do evil while not dead’ held true! I downed my drink showed no fear and told her she would pay for her crime with death. Gold was given to me as she said “Write my story jumpy noble bard, and when I finish, you may take me into the forest, where the elves will surely agree with you. As far as death, thrice I have defeated it.”

I spewed set aside my drink and told her after some thought that the payment would not be enough, she must let me have defend her. She asked what my purpose was and I said “-He-hey!- A woman like you will do well to have my scent on her to repel the beasts and villains that roam the world.” She thought well on my words. The woman receded into the shadows and with her coal skin, I lost her at times, but it just took a reflection on her eyes to have me freaked attentive.

“Collect your coins and some paper is under the front desk.” She peeled of her cloak He-hey! and began to tell me her story. “Purpose is confusing to me, why not enjoy and survive? Those with purpose seem unhappy and often they are blinded to those who get hurt. I shall tell you different events in no order, when we reach the last one, you will have your scent on me.”

“My purpose is to find if I am good or evil, a weapon or just a discarded tool, a being of flesh or the storms themselves. Introduce your book, and we will start with the second time I died.”



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