Shadow Hunters

Purple Worm's Head

Why waste the gifts of darkness?

…and on the ground heads are seen stacked as if on display. Heads that held so much information on things that would probably surprise the party.

Schemes, desires and well kept secrets are things that Tex had traded in so often in the past, and they had much weight in Stormpeak. You could say that that weight doubled in the Underdark, where drow thrive. These heads, which had the potential for the same amount of strategy, were trumped by heavy blades.

Tex is awash in dizzyness. The death of the dwarf by arrow meant little, even as information gathered points to an archer coming to kill him. The beheaded pile showed the power of muscle, of pure purpose, of equalizing all forms of life into rotting husks.

Now, NOW things begin to click for Tex! Miria had killed so many in the short months they had been working together. Vicious cuts from the blade of the maiden that seemed to be grunt work, or simple pleasure now showed more purpose to the red-eyed drow. The purpose was accomplishment, of taking away pieces of the puzzle and thus making plans moot.

Miria was proud of killing the purple worm and made every effort to display it. Drow would do it slow, with twisted painful days and weeks sapping the life out of the enemy, but the pink one produced savage slashes to make the worm fall quickly. This is definitely the easiest character value to understand for the drow sorcerer: Kill and be done with it.

Sucaeva too had thrown up a barrier that did not relent when a master sergeant or a lowly supply henchman walked through. The primal power he set forth had one task, which was to wipe clean the enemies from the board so that the elf could focus on the next kill.

Shira found the wisest enemy in a house and before the rest could question, reason or riddle with him, snuffed his gray matter with a gesture. She had the strongest power, she used it, she moves on, triumphant, richer and free of nuisances…

Syral, is of course the deadliest member of the party. Her blade is something to be feared indeed. Tex has spent many conversations with the razorclaw, who has ten cuts in the carcass to any one cut of the next party member…

and the conversations are engaging! How is it she uses her charm for rationale rather than rule-breaking? This is dizzying in itself.

Is the path to virtue, and understanding life simply killing rather than planning? Tex studies these Shadow Hunters and wonders why so much of the drow’s effort has been put into survival rather than being merciless. Father knows best it seems.



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