Shadow Hunters

Letter on top of the bed


My Dear Ladyfriend,

I am really sorry for having lied to you but it is the only way I can be sure you will not follow me or try to change my mind. By now I am sure that somehow Mordred is back from death and he is after me. Do not underestimate him, he was a great man and a magnificent Knight of Pelor while he was alive, I fear what he has become, a dark, relentless, bloodthirsty beast. I will try to lure him away from you three, but I beg you avoid him at all costs, more than your lives could be lost.

Give my best to Sukeva, to Shera, and to Tex when you meet… her, I wish them a lot of sucess in the road they are taking. Being a part of the Shadow Hunters has been the most fulfilling experience in my heart since I left Lencia, even with Tex included. Being with you was the stuff from my Great grandfather´s tales, the closeness, the fighting spirit, the love.

And that brings me back to you, my dear Ladyfriend. I wish there would be another way but I am not doing this out of pride or misguided duty but rather love. I will not deceive us any longer, you are the only Ladyfriend I could have, even if you are an uncivilized barbarian, you will always be my uncivilized she-cat. I do not care what others might think, it is a rare thing for us Highborns to find True Love but within you I found it although I was not able to recognized it for what it was until too late. I will not throw your gift away but the other side of that coin is that my enemies will try to hurt you or, might the Gods forbid it, Mordred to find out about you. That is the true reason I am running away instead of taking you back with me, if we are apart, nobody will be able to touch a hair of your lovely head. Do not worry about me, I am used to being hurt so what it is a few more poisoned daggers…

There is a last sacrifice I must make for you but no matter what happens it will be gladly given so no need to be sad.

I will always love you and treasure your memories
Lady Miria Aleksandra S´Jet Dominus Urban



Buttercup: Farm boy… fetch me that pitcher.
[It’s right over her head, so he has to stand next to her]
Westley: As you wish.
[Cut to them kissing]
The Grandson: [interrupting] Hold it, hold it. What is this? Are you trying to trick me? Where’s the sports?
The Grandson: Is this a kissing book?
Grandpa: Wait, just wait.
The Grandson: Well, when does it get good?
Grandpa: Keep your shirt on, and let me read.

Letter on top of the bed

Hmmmm…Miria talks about true love. Does she mean romantic love or platonic? How does Syral take this, I wonder? Sucaeva can only accept this as another loss in his life and trust that Miria knows on what path she is treading. He is lucky to have known her and fought with her, and also lucky that she helped keep him alive long enough to meet Syral and especially Shira.

Letter on top of the bed

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