Shadow Hunters

Enter the Matrix (?)

because Sucaeva is always prepared

Sucaeva said I shood stop pacing and write. He had sum paper on him for sum reeson and made me sit down. He seems more relaxed tho since I’ve been staring at this for an hour.

Anyway, we found Miria!! I’m reely glad I made him agree to check the karavan. She didn’t look happy to see me at first and we got in a fight and she slapped me so I slapped her back. She had no reeson to be angry anyway! It’s not like I new she made sum deal with that vampire.

Altho I told her it was a dream, I’m scared Sucaeva was right and it reely happened. Why else wood I dream he had Raven’s Tooth? Miria got mad but I got outta talking about it with her for now.

But I’m still confused where she was going? She said she was going to Lenth Lencia but Shira said they were going the wrong way. And then we all decided to go and set up camp sumwhere for sum reeson, but I don’t care because Miria went adventuring with us again! She made me ride on the horse with her, tho. I’ve never ridden a horse. It was nice, tho, sitting and talking with her. We had to leave the horses tho when we finally got to the place, and Miria had a map of a cave she picked up from sum ded guy. The cave was full of kristals. Saja Saget Sajeter came with us and so did his father. I reely don’t know what to think of him, but I said sumthing bad and didn’t apologise. I shood reely do that.

Ok, I’m back. I forgot he’s Tex now.

Anyway, we got in a fight in the cave, and Sajeter and Miria kept fighting even tho I said the cave was gonna fall. And it did, and we fell into a dark, dark place. I couldn’t see anything and I was reely scared I died again.

But I woke up in the Astral Sea or that’s what Sucaeva said it was. We were all blobs of light. Miria was the first to change back but she was a Halfling and started crying and complaning about being comon. I reely wanted to punch her. Sucaeva came back next and he was an Eladrin. Miria kept complaning and finally I hugged her even if I wanted to punch her, and I got a body again. It felt weird and when I looked I was an elf..and male.

That was unplesent. We were all naked too which didn’t bother me but I think it upset Shira. She ran and hid in a bush. Then Sajeter came back only he was a male Halfling with Tex’s face. And he started talking like Tex too. I was happy to see him but I reely wish Tex wood let us know it was her whenever she shows up.

Shira didn’t want a body. She stayed in the bushes and cried about not wanting to be a man. Sucaeva finally touched her and she became a Shifter! Well, a Longtooth, anyway. And Miria kept crying about being comon, and I was a man, and none of us were reely happy ecept maybe Sucaeva. The man who woke us said we’d get used to it and kept saying things about past lifes, but we never got used to it. Insted we tried to find sum guy to send us back, and on the way we found the High Ansestor.

He was still a dwarf but he was drunk and smelly. Shira talked with him and he told us how the world was a lie but I was reely confused. I knew being a man was a lie but I couldn’t tell what he was talking about. And Miria wasn’t talking to me, I think because I was taller than her.

Sum guys took the High Ansestor away and we kept trying to find that other guy but we found Gobo! He was an ogre and he told us how to get power from our past lifes. So the next day we went with him and sum teeflings to attack sum place and get our powers.

Inside we got separated and we ran into an old enemy of Sucaeva and Miria. He trapped us in a room with a mashin and while Sucaeva tried to get power Miria and I fought the Elf guard. We were terrible tho and Miria almost died and I couldn’t hit anything. Eventualy Sucaeva became a giant snake and cut the Elf in half. Shira healed Miria and then we got our powers, too. Only Tex and Miria got hurt because the mashin exploded so Sucaeva and Shira healed them and I carried Miria. Alarms were going off and Gobo fell, but we managed to escape to the sewers and back to Gobo’s house.

There were Elf guards there too and they killed Gobo’s wife. I set Miria down and scouted ahead and sum guards were trying to kill another Halfling. We saved her and Miria and Tex woke up. Sucaeva knew the Halfling but I didn’t hear anything they talked about because Miria kissed me for a reely long time. I think I understand why Sucaeva and Shira run off so much now. But will it be the same now I’m a girl again?

I heard enough to know the Halfling said the strange world was a lie and it was dying. So we discussed how to stop it and escape but Miria said something reely strange that made me happy but kinda embarrassed, and I’m not sure how to ask her about it now. But finally decided to fight and we had to go back to the place we ran from so we could kill someone called the Arkitect. We had to fight thru a lot of guards and even ran into Volgar. We cut thru him and finally met the Arkitect.

He was a black dragon sitting on a throne in a cave. Thinking back it was weird that he was in a cave when we were in a building but too late now. With our new abilities from the mashin we charged him at all once. He grew ginormus and nearly filled the entire cave. I’ll never say it out loud but seeing him like that I was reely scared. A small green dragon killed us not long ago, and we’d finally all gotten together again, even Tex was there. But it was fight and go home or just die so we rushed him. Sucaeva Tex and I got caught in a blast of acid, and every move hurt, but we were relentless. Shira even set him on fire for us, and I tried to cut him deep enough that it wouldn’t heal but I wasn’t able to peerce his skin.

Sucaeva was bloodied and we were all battered but we finally managed to fell him. But as he died he told Sucaeva we were fools and this was the real world. We all knew he was lying but now I’m not so sure.

We left his cave and found the Halfling almost dead with scores of guards lying around her. She told us the only way back was to find a kristal and stab ourselves in the heart with it at the same time. She passed and we went to find the cave. On the way Tex kissed me. I reely don’t know what to think about her. She kept saying we were sisters but now she’s a man again and I have no idea. We can’t be sisters if she’s a man.

But we’re all ourselves again otherwise! Tex is a drow male but I’m a Shifter woman again! As soon as we entered the cave with the kristal we got our real bodies back. But we didn’t have much time to think about anything reely because the cave started to shake like before. I looked at Sucaeva and he nodded, and we all raised pieces of the kristal. I saw Sucaeva and Shira kiss and say farewells to each other earlier as went into the cave, so at the last minute I told Miria I loved her and kissed her. Then the walls started shaking and groaning and Sucaeva counted to three and then everything went dark.

We woke up here with sum humans and teeflings. They said we were trapped but I don’t believe them. We will definitely, definitely find a way out. But I’m glad at least that we’re all together. If we’d been separated again…

We will get out.


Lovely! For some clues to what happened at the end, think about what happened at the beginning(ish)…

Enter the Matrix (?)

The pile of clothes?

Enter the Matrix (?)

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