Shadow Hunters

A Shifter's Thoughts

It's time for bed. Can you count the unfinished thoughts?

He is evil! He’s just using his position as an excuse to kill people! At least the vampire was honest. And argh he’s all Bahamut this and judge that and I am better than all of you anodnaodoaua GRAAAAH!!

He didn’t even come to help when I was pushed off a gods damned airship.

I don’t think Sucaeva and Shira believe me about how evil he is. But I don’t trust him and I won’t let him hurt them. And as much as I wanna go, I don’t wanna go to Lencia if it means bringing him. What if he decides Miria needs to be “judged” because she was in love with Mordred? It’s not like he was a vampire then.

I’ll kill him if he even tries to hurt her.

But she might not even be in Lencia, although I’m really really sure she is. Would she even be happy to see me?

But what if Mordred did, um. I’m sure he didn’t—why bite me if he could kill me, but then again that’s stupid, isn’t it? because obviously he wants me to lead him to Miria which I would do if I went to Lencia, right? He couldn’t tell me how a vampire tracks but what if he can track me here?

I can’t lead him right to Miria. I won’t.

…Maybe if I don’t sleep he can’t follow me, since I’m not dreaming! ‘Cept how’d he get into my dream in the first place since I never saw him before then… No, definitely, no sleeping. And if he says anything, I’ma stab him in the eye.

I really don’t get what she even sees in paladins.


A paladin of Bahamut, evil?! Perish the thought my dear shifter.

A Shifter's Thoughts

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